Fresh red vegetables

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Gartner Callaway produces organic products with a high priority on health and wellness. Welcome to GC WORLD.

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We bring people of all ages together, to form our community, creating a unique customer experience.

We produce and serve, high-quality products in an environmentally friendly atmosphere.


Sustainability Is Our Cornerstone

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How To Order

Browse our selection of products and choose from the options available:

Choose from our selection, and we'll pack it up for you.

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Choose from our selection, and we'll pack it up and deliver to you.

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GC World Farmers Market

Visit Our Growcery

Alinas Garden, 54 Earls Court Road, Ikate, Lekki

Buy a wide range of vegetables, potted herbs, plant seedlings and various gardening and grow accessories

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Gartner Callaway Services

All visitors can book services such as farm excursions, farm trainings, and a range of other services.

Fresh red vegetables

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Lekki Growcery

Plot 54 Earls Court Road, Ikate, Lekki, Lagos


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